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March 26, 2008

Meme-ists agree: Root Beer + LOLcats = “do not want!”

Filed under: Technology — Jed @ 8:15 pm

happycat-wif-soda.jpgApparently Jones Soda has decided that the best way to enjoy your burger and soda is in lulz. Yup, that is right. Those furry, yet grammatically challenged creatures are now pimping soda, leaving the internet community saying “Do no want!” (and looking for a bucket).

I once dated someone who famously said “When the Ann Taylor moves in, the gentrification is complete.” With the kittens selling out/corporately appropriated, will LOLartists be moving on to a trendier meme? Or will they open an Ann Taylor charge card and participate in the label competition?

via The Slog (read the comments, they are amazing)

19 Responses to “Meme-ists agree: Root Beer + LOLcats = “do not want!””

  1. trish Says:

    so i read the comments on “the slog”. The meme lovers are upset that the LoLz is on a product. The soda pop lovers are upset that Jones soda is going main stream. whoa!

    who knew…

    cute cats + bad grammar + soda = serious business.

    This may be an indicator that we all just need to lighten up a little bit?

    ummm lol?

  2. Jed Says:

    Apparently we can lighten up, and still use corporate imagery:

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